Chris-Crowe-Plant Manager -Modine

Chris Crowe, Plant Manager Modine

Modine, Jefferson City, MO

At my plant, in Jefferson City, MO, we have 204 employees. We make radiators and steel components for the frameworks of our cooling systems. We were struggling with our cobot utilization. We have engineers on site doing programming but making fixtures was taking longer than expected, and it was costly. We reached out to the Flextur Team who did a great job communicating and being upfront about what we could accomplish together. Flextur came on site and showed how to make these systems work in a financially successful way. Flextur has been a highly reliable organization and a great partner. I recommend the Flextur Team to any company struggling to maximize their weld productivity.

Todd Edge - Product Manager BotX Cobot Welding Systems

Todd Edge, Product Manager BotX

BotX Cobot Welding Systems

We first approached Flextur to learn more about their Contract Manufacturing capabilities. We knew them as a weld table manufacturer, and we saw potential to enhance our products with some of their products for workflow and LEAN manufacturing. Flextur's ability to customize, their aggressive approach to line up secondary suppliers, and their willingness to go out and solve, and scramble for us was critical in allowing us to meet our relatively short time frame for the project. The liked the fact that Flextur is evolving, investing in their facility, equipment, common software, and all the things that make a good manufacturer. Including their commonsense approach to manufacturing and product ow. They are on their game, and have been able to deliver what they said when they said.

Randy Kitzmiller, General Manager VENTRAC by Venture Products Inc.

Randy Kitzmiller, General Manager VENTRAC

Venture Products Inc.

Throughout 40 plus years in business, I have had the opportunity to work with many different suppliers. There have been good suppliers and unfortunately, some not so good. However, there are very few suppliers I would place in the category of a valued business partner. Since the beginning of our relationship, Flextur has consistently performed at a high level. I appreciate their desire to operate with integrity as well as their ability to understand business and the many challenges that can occur. Their growth and advanced manufacturing abilities have enabled us to grow our business, especially in times of limited capacity. Working with Flextur has been nothing short of exceptional.

Dallas Steiner

Dallas Steiner, Venture Products

Venture Products Inc.

Flextur has been an excellent supplier for Venture Products Inc. We appreciate their fast service, reliable delivery, and great communications. They are a supplier partner who knows the value of taking care of their customers.

Brent Nussbaum

Brent Nussbaum, President Miller Weldmaster

Miller Weldmaster Inc.

Miller Weldmaster has conducted business with Flextur for the past 10 years. Over the years the team at Flextur has been much more than just a vendor to us, we look at them as a true partner. Since we are both in the manufacturing business, we use this as an opportunity to support each other and learn from one another. The team at Flextur is very progressive and always willing to offer suggestions to improve your product offering. They do a great job at meeting the necessary deadlines and you can assure that you will always receive a quality product from them.

Ray McConnel

Ray McConnell, COO Tilmor


At Tilmor, we appreciate being able to do business with other businesses that have stood the test of time. Flextur and the Steiner family have now started into the 3rd generation as business partners. We appreciate the honesty and integrity that comes from a mutually beneficial relationship like we enjoy with Flextur. Flextur keeps a close eye on quality and accuracy that serves us well in our need for custom manufacturing.