Metal Fabrication

& Contract Metal Manufacturing

Have a part, product or challenge in your manufacturing process?

At Flextur, our primary goal is to provide top-tier Metal Fabrication and Contract Metal Manufacturing solutions tailored to your needs. We produce high-quality steel products at a mid-volume scale, ensuring that your projects are completed on time and exceed your quality control requirements.

A New Seven Stage Powder Line with Alkaline Cleaner, Acid Etch, and Zirconium Treatment

Our expansion is complete, and our new system is being installed. Need powder coating services? Reach out to Flextur Metal Fabrication to discuss your needs and to learn more about our exciting new service. Flextur is your single PO provider for cut, form, weld, machine, coat, and package.

Flextur Contract Manufacturing Powder Coating Facility

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Please complete the following project inquiry form. Our expert team will examine your requirements and schedule a time to discuss transforming your idea into the desired product.

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Are you facing these Industrial Metal Manufacturing Challenges?

Skilled labor shortages or consistent and complete supply chains? Do you struggle to hit production, financial, and quality control KPIs? Are you seeking ways to decrease overall costs through labor, materials, or process & product improvements? Flextur Metal Fabrication Services and Contract Metal Manufacturing can help you meet these challenges.

A history of delivering innovative, quality products and elite customer service.

For over 40 years our core business had been the fabrication of agricultural equipment. Today, Flextur Contract Manufacturing offers industrial work flow solutions for our manufacturing partners.

A highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

We can provide the scalability and flexibility you need to make your project a success. We realize our team - our people, are the key to our success. We know how hard it can be to assemble such a team. By partnering with Flextur for your Metal Fabrication needs, you’ll gain all the benefits of having a team like ours.


Our people are our number one asset. Our highly skilled engineers have many years of experience and are here to help you solve your supply chain issues, from finding a new solution to engineering waste out of a current design. We have young professionally trained operators who have utilized today’s technology in taking production efficiencies to a new level. Our motivated team is cross trained and prepared to adapt to your current needs.

  • Highly Skilled & Goal Oriented
  • Good Planner & Communicators
  • Cross Trained & Scalable
  • Dedicated & Motivated


We have invested in the latest technology and automation so we can get your organization the right products at the right time. From engineering your designs in Solidworks to fiber laser cutting, CNC forming, CNC Machining, robotic welding, wet or powder coating, packaging and delivery, our TEAM is here to supply a solution. Lean Manufacturing/ Six Sigma are integrated into all our processes from taking the order to shipping your products.

  • Value Engineering & 3D Digital Design
  • Laser Cutting, Forming & Machining
  • Robotic & Manual Welding
  • Painting & Powder Coating
  • Packaging & Logistics


Think of Flextur Contract Manufacturing as an extension of your organization. Let us bring you value added services where it fits into your production flow and helps you be agile and scalable in today’s market. Our team will communicate and walk with your team on a journey of continuous improvement. Quality and on time delivery are key to meeting your customer’s needs, let us help you deliver beyond your customer’s expectations.

  • Plan, Develop & Execute
  • Cost Reduction Initiatives
  • Exceed Quality Standards & Delivery Expectations
  • Logistics & Packaging
  • EDI Interface